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Hey there! My name is Alyssa and I am the woman behind the education you see on this site. Let me share a little about me.

I own a beautiful rent based salon in the town of Naugatuck, CT.

I am a full-time Educator,  working non-stop on online education and hosting/traveling to LIVE classes throughout the year.

I have been in the industry for 8 years & I am working part-time behind the chair. Doing what I LOVE to do, just like you.

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I became an Educator because I LIVE TO SHARE!

My focus on education started when I realized my true passion in life is to share with others: YOU CAN DO THIS! 

I love to focus on maximizing your time behind the chair by sharing techniques that are not only time savers, but SIMPLE!

Another topic I love to share and focus on is Color Theory. Whether you have been in the industry for 1 year or 50, there is always something to learn when it comes to the theory of what we use every single day behind the chair!


On a personal note, I love using Crystals in my daily life, enjoy yoga, working out, and all things involving manifestation! Oh, and I am kind of obsessed with my fur babies and watching Marvel.

No one can make your dreams a reality, but YOU! So, go get 'em.